About Us

           Jain Agencies is a thirty year old firm, which was till 2016-17 was  involved in the tobacco products distribution business with turnover of 5.39 crores in the above financial year. From year 2017 April the firm has ventured  into online selling of seeds, Rooftop Solar Photovolatic Power Plants, Horticulture Implements/Machines and other allied Horticulture Products.

              Mr. Rajiv Jain is CEO of this firm,  who has experience of 17 years in electronics, Agri business/ Horticulture. He is an B.COM, M.B.E Post Graduate with keen interest in new technologies and seeds for the betterment  of farmer's life. M/S Ved  Parkash Jain and Sons Fatehabad  is the 25 years old sister concern of Jain Agencies which is  also eagaged in  the seeds, other agri inputs business whose most of the operations were run by Mr. Rajiv Jain after demise of his beloved father Mr. Ved Parkash Jain in 2012, M/S Ved Parkash Jain and Sons's turnover rose sharply from Rs. 1.6 crore in 2012  to Rs. 5.9 Crore in 2016 due to integration of various allied Horticulture products and  govt. supplies under the supervision of Mr. Rajiv who had learned a lot from his visionary father.

               In very short time M/s Ved Parkash Jain and Sons got a very good reputation in Haryana, Punjab states and became known to every advance farmer in these states for one stop shop for every quality horticultural input under single roof. Also the precise agronomic consultation provided by him is praised by not only farmers but other agro-companies officials also. He has a very good understanding of the horticultural practices of net/polyhouse. When he saw farmers coming to him even from 200-300 km to purchase good quality seeds then he realized that when a farmer is coming from so far even in our area which we consider as advance in horticulture than what will be the situation in other parts of India. So he instantly decided to provide quality seeds and allied inputs to even the remotest villages through his new venture www.seedlelo.com.

Export enquiries are also welcome.